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University of Louisville Earn-A-Bike Program

In August 2012, the University of Louisville is launching a new Earn-A-Bike program as part of its Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage students and employees to use bicycles for transportation. The goals of this program include:

  • Reducing the vehicle miles traveled to campus (and associated pollution);
  • Reducing the number of vehicles that must be parked on and around campus;
  •  Increasing health and activity levels within the UofL community;
  •  Saving money you would otherwise spend on gas, parking, and other automobile expenses;
  • Reducing traffic congestion; and
  • Rewarding individuals for not driving to campus.

UofL’s Sustainability Council has a limited annual budget for this program. Each August, the program will offer a limited number of bike shop vouchers worth up to $400 to students, faculty, and staff who are willing to forgo a UofL parking permit for at least two years and to seek alternative means of getting to campus other than driving. Everyone coming to UofL is encouraged to consider walking, bicycling, taking the TARC bus (free with UofL ID!), or carpooling. Full details on all of these transportation alternatives are available at
To be eligible, you must have a valid UofL ID number and must indicate an understanding that if your application is accepted for this program, you will have to turn in any current UofL parking permits and you will not be able to purchase any UofL parking permits for the next two years. Once the deadline for application has passed, vouchers will be distributed to eligible applicants in order of priority until funds are exhausted. Top priority will go to current UofL parking permit holders, then former UofL parking permit holders, then all others. Former program beneficiaries will be given lowest priority. Date of application will be the final determinant of priority.

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