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Traveling Man

He’s a traveling man,

he takes a lot of steps

but it never gets called.’

I don’t mean to knock Terrence Jones. It’s true that he doesn’t often dribble the ball. And its true that he leaps around in the lane without dribbling the ball. But he’s far from the only or the most egregious example of what once, long ago, used to be called traveling.

Examples abound, here, here and here.

I get the reason that the rule has changed, or at least why it is seldom called. I understand that slam dunks are very exciting to the audience–though, to my understanding they are in fact only worth 2-points, same as a layup—and that equals higher ratings and ultimately more revenue. I’m a purist and don’t like to see rules changed with the aim of producing a particular result—i.e., higher scores, more passing, more dunks, etc– but what bothers me even more than this is that the rule is still on the books. If you aren’t going to call it, please change the rule. Otherwise it threatens the integrity of a game that is already very hard to officiate.

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