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The temperatures are beginning to drop, school buses are creating traffic hazards, there’s an electric vibe in the air… can only mean one thing.  It’s fantasy football time!  Welcome to the Fantasy Edge, your personal guide to winning your fantasy football leagueFantasy Football

In the coming weeks you will find pointers and tips from some of the most seasoned veterans in the fantasy arena.  I’m Football Phil and let’s get started!

While the players are trying to make rosters and determine team roles and coaches determine their final roster, you should also be making preparations.  Certainly you need to keep an eye on the sports wire, but on this first article we will focus on the Draft Party.

To start a football game, you need to have a kickoff, right? Well, same goes for a fantasy football season.  This goes whether your’s is a keeper or an annual (redraft) league.  It needs to be fun yet get things done.  Here’s a few suggestions:
Fantasy Football1) Gather at a local restaurant or other hangout.  Be sure to scope the place out first, however.  Be certain they have tables large enough or that can be put together in order to accommodate the group.  Trust me from experience, it can really drag things down when you’re so spread out that draft picks have to be yelled out or passed down ear to ear, not to mention how it can annoy other patrons.  It’s wise to speak with a manager first, as well.  You’d be surprised how accommodating they may be, maybe even throw in some free stuff or other helpful items.  As a matter of fact, many sports bar chains now advertise that they want your draft party at their establishment.  All I all, do your homework and you’ll have a great experience.  Try to behave a little and they just may ask if you can come back next year!

Fantasy Football2) This is my favorite, have it at a player’s home.  This way everyone can relax in their own home or better yet take over your friend’s home for a while.  Do NOT spare anything on the food! You’ve absolutely got to splurge on the junk food and beer, soda, or your beverage of choice.  This needs to become one of the social events of the year for your entire group.  Even grandma will look forward to it if you do it right.  I do strongly suggest that you restrain from turning the television on, no matter what is on.  It’s a distraction and will give you headaches.  Instead, run your computer through it.  You can bring up your legue website or even show the draft pick order.  It’s only limited by your creativity.

In any case, do try to make it fun for all.  And by the way, watch for the one player that exists in every league that drags his feet, legs, and possibly a hip before making his pick!  Put a timer on him.  Got someone that can hum the Jeopardy thinking theme?Fantasy Football

So have fun and look to this column for tips and hot news to make your team the top in your league.  You’ll find pre-draft help next time, followed by hot tips and picks for the remainder of the season.


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