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Tailgating gluten-free!

Just because you are gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tailgating with the rest of them! There are many things you can munch on or make to take with you and share with others! Gluten-free means no gluten, not “no taste”.

My husband is not gluten-free and not usually a fan of much of the pre-packaged foods but I have a few favorites that make it easy to tailgate. Grilling makes it simple, just keep the guys with the beer on their own grill (or use gluten-free beer)…

So for a simple, quick and healthy tailgating treat (and one that looks good too) try these fruit and cheese kabobs. To make it look pretty, stick them in a pineapple like the photo shown. Also choose whatever fruits you favor. I’ve made some suggestions below. There are many ways to do this, be creative and have fun!tailgating

Fruit & Cheese Kabobs

1 bag sweet firm grapes, red or green

1 -2 containers strawberries

1 container fresh pineapple chunks

1 bunch bananas, cut into chunks (add last so they don’t turn brown or sprinkle with some lemon juice)

1 bag dried apricots

(2) 6-8 oz. bag cubed cheeses, Cheddar, Colby, Pepper Jack, Muenster, choose your favorites

1 bag wooden skewers

1 pineapple


Clean strawberries, take off green tops, cut in half or leave whole, wash grapes, cut bananas into chunks and sprinkle with lemon juice or fruit fresh to keep from turning brown.  Thread fruits and cheese to make them colorful. Start with a dried apricot, then pineapple chunk, grape, cheese cube, strawberry, grape, cheese cube, banana, pineapple, cheese cube, etc. Be creative, mix them up. You can also top off with a maraschino cherry for added color.




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