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What will Peyton Manning do?

From the days of college football on Saturdays in Knoxville with Rocky Top blaring in the back ground and the throngs of orange clad fans singing his praises after every touchdown, to Sundays of walking the artificial turf painted with a giant horse shoe at Lucas Oil Stadium, in the familiar blue & white, Peyton Manning has been a beloved figure for the hometown football fan base.  For the opposition, Manning has been a primary target.

Now, with the Colts sending Peyton Manning packing in an effort to retool the franchise, Manning is again a target of a different sort for many teams throughout the NFL.  Teams themselves clamor for the services of the available field general in order to post enough W’s to vault them into contention for not only playoffs, but a Super Bowl.  Fans, however, want someone they can believe in & on which they can hang their hopes.  Unlike the myriad of question marks on other teams, Manning is an exclamation mark.

The ability to survey the opposition’s defense & make adjustments necessary to put his team in a favorable position prior to the snap, is the primary reason for Manning’s previous success.  No doubt he is using these same skills of observation, plus a ton of homework on each player involved while surveying the entire National Football League landscape prior to making a final call in choosing a team.  The difference, in this case, the players of the “money game” include general managers, coaches, current rosters, available draft choices, equipment managers and of course, an occasional notorious “idiot kicker”.

As with an NFL offense, the big play is sometimes designed to hit the most obvious player to score.  The great quarterbacks maneuver personnel to take advantage of matchups & utilize confusion as their greatest ally.  In this case, there are several obvious players in the Manning Game.  Look for a favorable match up & keep all players in mind as a viable option when Peyton is in charge.  In case you don’t know, it is most certainly Peyton Manning who is in charge of the NFL.

The rest of the league should ready to play the largest game of musical chairs since the merger when the choice is finally made.  As a result, teams may eventually shuffle quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, defenses, coordinators, offensive philosophies, draft choices and perhaps when the last note is faded, general managers.  After all, if Manning doesn’t work or suffers a career ending injury, someone will have to pay for the decision to upset the apple cart.

Peyton Manning may be the biggest catch on the free agency market ever.  He may also be remembered as the greatest quarterback of all time, if he connects with the right team for another ring or two.  Until then the play clock is ticking down as Manning awaits the final call before the snap.


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