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Driving by my local YMCA this week, a flurry of activity caught my eye.  A wave of colors seemed to ebb and flow across the fields turned emerald from the recent rains.  Seemingly, hundreds of children ran in all directions as customary handshakes concluded, marking the end of a baseball game.  As if to celebrate youthfulness, all screamed with joy and attempted to exhaust the endless energy which burns inside almost everyone under the age of 10 by chasing each other around the outfields and parking lots.

As the final days of the school semester are marked off the calendar’s pages, boys and girls look to fill their days of summer with activities filled with “fun”.  Apparently “fun” is the number one objective for summer vacation of those subjected to my impromptu poll of third graders.

Little do they realize, these days of youth are some of the most wonderful days in a lifetime.

The sight and sounds soon took me back to my own childhood where one of my favorite memories was trying on my new baseball uniform for the first time.  The white pants, royal blue jersey bearing the gold number 8 and matching gold colored cap were almost magic.  It might as well have been a cape transforming me into a super hero.  This was big!  (Imagination is limitless when you are eight.)

Sure there was probably enough room for another skinny, under-sized kid just like me inside that over-sized uniform, but it was perfect in my eyes.  And now, it was time to share my moment.

Among those to witness the monumental event was my mom.  She, waiting with camera in hand, had me pose with most of the immediate family for pictures.  Sister, brothers, grandparent all took their turn, much to the dismay of my siblings at times.  Mom just took more until I was insistent on calling an end to the photo shoot.

That was most likely the start of my real love for sports.  Not because of the way I felt while wearing my team’s colors, but because I realized how my “accomplishment” had impacted others in such a positive manner.  Each had a certain pride about them of which I had never experienced before.

With Mother’s Day this weekend, moms will most likely spend time with their children and reminiscing.  Many of these ladies are the same moms seen at ballparks everywhere wearing team-colored shirts in support of their little athletes, flying flags on their cars with a son or daughter’s jersey number, sporting painted messages on car windows on the way to the next gymnast competition and those will be seen and heard as they shout words of encouragement at ballparks through chain link fences.  It’s the early bonding of pint-sized sluggers with their “number one fans” that is still echoed by athletes of all ages.

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

When the biggest, fastest, fiercest, most skilled professional players of Major League Baseball, the NBA or NFL reach the end zone, fire the winning jumper at the buzzer or hit the game winning home run, they undoubtedly revert to their days of little league ball and turn to the camera or utter the words into a reporter’s microphone this universal greeting, “Hi, Mom.”

Just as an 8 year old named Elliot blasted a ball beyond the outfield fence this week to the delight of his coaches, teammates and on-lookers, part of his celebration included a brief turn to include his mother in this moment of glory with a “thumbs up” in her direction.

He no doubt took his voyage back to home plate with assurance he’d done a good job and with a stamp of approval from his “number one fan”.

She beamed with pride, as she always does, because that was HER child, HER favorite athlete in the world …and just because she’s a mom.

Where would sports be without our salute to moms?  Not worth watching.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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