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Petrino, Pitino & Woods

Bobby Petrino, Rick Pitino & Tiger Woods have much in common these days.  All three men have been successful in their respective careers in sports.  All have made errors in judgment, too.

Definitely, having inappropriate relationships would fall into that category, however, in this case, we’re discussing the sports focus & not venture into the moralist aspect of their transgressions.

This isn’t the first time for Petrino to have negative publicity.  Among those, Petrino left the Atlanta Falcons head coach position in the middle of the season.  He left an organization bewildered as to what happened and wondering what would possess a man to leave in such a way.  Eventually, it all worked out for the NFL franchise.  Better because Petrino was gone.

Other than the involvement of a 25 year old blonde employee, to many this would seem pretty much the same situation at Arkansas.  Some would say it’s just Bobby Petrino being Bobby Petrino.

This is different, however, because the NFL players & organization are professionals.  They are highly paid & adults.  This time Petrino crossed a line that has not only been a slap to the University of Arkansas, its students, athletic program and fan base, but to his family.  Let’s not forget to mention, motorcycle riders & the coaching community, just for good measure.


Bobby Petrino, Rick Petino & Tiger Woods

The airwaves & internet is full of those deciding which side of the line to stand on.  That’s the line which has been drawn thanks to Petrino’s poor choices.

There are those who would be delighted to ignore the impending troubles Petrino brings with him wherever he goes just for a chance to taste a winning season for their program.  However, it’s been proven over & over again, the taste will suddenly sour when the curtain rolls back and the costs of winning for a short time are revealed.

Others armed with pitch forks & torches were ready to turn on Dr. Petrino and his media monster and run them out of town immediately without due process.  This modern day lynch mob wants blood & retribution for the embarrassment caused to them.  They got their wish.

The University of Arkansas did not want Petrino fired.  If so, he’d have been packing a U-Haul within minutes since he was in clear violation of the school’s sexual harassment policy.  Read it for yourself.   University of Arkansas Human Resources Handbook 

The Razorbacks tried to straddle the line by keeping Petrino to coach their team & keep winning for seasons to come.  They also didn’t want to have egg on their face for hiring a coach with such baggage.  Of course, a secretive affair with a 25 year old subordinate co-worker wasn’t on that previous list.  So much for trying to think of everything possible that could go wrong.

Athletic director Jeff Long was forced to make a decision.  The Razorback mob now has a new focus.  The search is now on for a replacement for Bobby Petrino.

The scenario was different for Woods & Pitino.

The affairs reportedly by golf’s great hero, Tiger Woods, not only cost him his marriage but marred an almost unbelievably spotless reputation.  Woods behavior kept the sport of golf red-faced for quite a while as the almost O. J. Simpson-like coverage dominated sports networks everywhere.   Here was the face of the sport (arguably the most recognized athlete in the world) being pulled down from the pedestal and cast as a monster to many.  But Tiger was able to wait it out & is making his comeback to the sport of golf.  He was the reason most tuned in to watch the Masters from Augusta, GA over the weekend.

Rick Pitino’s tryst had the U of L fans as red as their school colors, some from anger, others from embarrassment.  One of the primary differences for Pitino was his close relationship already established with the athletic director in Louisville.  When the news leaked, Quicky Ricky’s immediate full disclosure to the school’s administration may have helped immensely to put them in his corner.

Meanwhile, Pitino’s Cardinals returned to relevancy just days ago as they made their way back to for a Final Four appearance against his former team, Kentucky.  Very few comments were made regarding Pitino’s past transgressions during the tournament or by opposing teams.  Primarily because the Kentucky faithful was relieved it didn’t happen while Pitino was on their sideline wearing a blue Armani suit & tie… that we know.

This brings other questions to mind.  Did Arkansas pull the trigger too quickly?  Will there be more accusers to the Bobby Petrino story?  Was this an isolated incident?  What if Jessica Dorrell isn’t the only one?  How much payoff will keep everyone quiet?  When will the book be available on Amazon?

In the presidential campaign in 1992, Bill Clinton’s advisors had a term for this, “Beware of bimbo eruptions”.   This referred to additional women coming out of the woodworks claiming to have had an affair with the former Arkansas governor.

Payoffs, cover-ups, scandal & violation of policy.  It all sounds familiar.

Now that Petrino actually has been dismissed from his position at Arkansas, can Bill Clinton be far behind for the next head coaching job?


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