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Hey Fantasy Fans, let’s get caught up once again.

Looking at last week you would have gotten negligible help from a couple of my suggestions at running back, but I hope you followed my advice on Andre Brown!  He posted some big numbers on Thursday night.

So now let’s look at what’s out there for you now.  Fantasy Football

If you need help at QB, there’s probably several good options still not taken.  In most leagues, you should be able to grab Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, or Ryan Fitzpatrick.  All are putting up solid numbers and will probably continue to be respectable all year.

Fantasy FootballRunning back is getting very thin now.  There’s an outside shot that Mikel LeShoure may be available in your league.  If he is, even if you don’t need help at RB, you need to grab him immediately.  The only reason he didn’t start at the beginning of the year is because of a suspension.  He looked really good on Sunday, though we’ll have to wait and see if it was a result of his talent or a porous Titans defense.

Cedric Benson remains available in several leagues, probably due to the fact that the Packers haven’t really touted a starter.  However, it’s evidenced in his carries that he’s the man in Green Bay.  Remember that the Packers first use the arm of Aaron Rodgers, but any running back for them is on a potent offense.  It certainly helps that Benson is a good receiver.

Lastly I need to point out Tashard Choice.  It seems that anyone in the Bills backfield may do well.  However, keep in mind that he is a third stringer and expectations should not be as high.  However, if Fred Jackson and C. J. Spiller are unavailable, he’s certainly worth a serious look.

Fantasy FootballAt wide receiver a few good new options have surfaced.  In Cincinnati Andrew Hawkins looks to be a good possibility.  He’s got good speed and Dalton may be finding him to be his deep threat.

Denarius Moore also is showing good signs in Oakland.  I’ve been hesitant for years to pick a receiver on the Raiders, but they’ve got a good passing QB in Palmer and they seem to be getting it together on offense.

If you’ve got room to spare please consider Jerome Simpson of the Vikings.  They’re looking quite good, at least for now, and none of their receivers are well known.  There’s a good likelihood that they are available.

And speaking of the Vikings, Kyle Rudolph had two TDs for them last weekend.  He appears to be a viable tight end if you’re in need.  Though he’s yet to join the elite group, he’s got good speed and can certainly catch the ball.

Let’s now turn our attention to some primo matchups for this week.

  • Look for the Baltimore offense to explode against the Browns on prime time Thursday night.  They’re at home and want to make a statement.
  • You can say the same for the Atlanta Falcons against the Panthers on Sunday.
  • I like both offenses in the Patriots/Bills game.
  • You can expect a lot of passing attempts from Jake Locker as they will probably trail the Texans even before the kickoff.  It’s a question of how successful those attempts will be.
  • Lastly, the Vikings at Lions game is very intriguing.  I expect either all defense, or all offense.  So I’m going to say the offenses do well, and the Lions probably better.  Look for a big day from Megatron. Fantasy Football
  • Do keep an eye on the QB situation there.  Stafford got banged up last week and may miss the game.  However, Hill is a very capable backup and I wouldn’t worry about starting Calvin Johnson.   As a matter of fact, if you have a need at QB, add Hill if he’s going to play.


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