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As the volume knob is turned clockwise on an AM radio, a small bit of crackle mingles with the commercial voice while happier-than-a-clam jingle singers harmonize to tell you why you need a product or service. Suddenly, a familiar voice breaks into welcome you back to the broadcast and assure you, you’ve found the right place for Friday night football.

Enthusiasm permeates every fiber of their being. Years of first-hand knowledge, peppered with names from present day and yesteryear and other nostalgia, flavor the healthy diet of X’s and O’s being served up as an appetizer before the main course begins. Signature phrases, unique deliveries, resonating baritones or cracking tenor voices, are all part of the uniqueness of the play-by-play announcer you pledge is the only one who could call a game “thataway”.


Cawood Ledford WHAS. PHOTO BY GEAN A. BARON, THE COURIER-JOURNAL. Cawood Ledford at WHAS, Dec. 5, 1956

Not a single blue-blooded Kentucky Wildcat fan will deny, hearing Cawood Ledford’s endearing style of play by play, helped bond their love of The Big Blue. His 1992 call of the “greatest college basketball ever played” as Kentucky fell to Duke in overtime  in the NCAA East Regional Final was his last, most likely, his best. The personable native of Harlan, KY may have spawned generations of fans from a single game.

ward“Give him six!” from the legendary voice of John Ward, gave the throngs of Tennessee football fans reason to jump off the couch and cheer as if they were among the 100,000+ in attendance at Neyland Stadium.  The gentleman’s demeanor and unmistakable diction of Ward was an intoxicating elixir which influenced fans to turn up the volume of their radio while the occasional televised Saturday game was muted and provided the picture only.

An undeniable “Mercy!” from Greg Walker, the long-time voice of Austin Peay athletics, could have a multitude of meanings. His inflection is EVERYTHING! No matter how this single word is injected into his game coverage, you better take note, something important just happened.

Almost every team, at any level, has a radio voice synonymous with it’s history.

Sportswriters like Joe Biddle have provided a weekly fix for sports junkies throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee.  Satire, humor and the human interest angle have been mainstays for Biddle’s articles since the 80’s.

“It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game”, is an iconic line from legendary Tennessee sportswriter, Grantland Rice. His writing was published in newspapers around the country and broadcast on radio.

This is a minute sampling of names who’ve birthed the love of sports for many of us, feed the frenzy for multitudes and molded memories of events witnessed in our lifetime.  MVP Sports Channel recognizes the contribution made by so many to our culture, fan-bases and business.

Each week we will highlight a voice, a name, a key player who makes it possible for you to enjoy the thrill of sports entertainment in Kentucky, Missouri or Tennessee. Submit your favorite writer, play by play announcer or television anchor, then look for your media star’s feature here on


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