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Murray State Clears First Hurdle. Missouri Upset In First Round

For a half, it was a close contest. But Murray State managed to finish with the first round of the NCAA tournament with a convincing win over Colorado State. Although Isaiah Canaan led the team in scoring with 15 points, he was clearly not on his A-game, going just 4-13 on field goal attempts. The Murray State Racer’s played tremendous team defense and got contributions from players such as Donte Poole (13 points) and Ed Daniel (4 steals, 6 points). Poole took a nasty shot to the face from the elbow of a Colorado State Player at one point in the second half. Writhing in obvious pain, Poole was treated by the medical staff, but demonstrated some toughness in finding his way back into the game.

Further down the Western bracket, the #2 ranked team from Missouri lost in a shocking upset, making the idea of a deep, Cinderella run for Murray feel just a bit more conceivable. Of course, Murray State will have to overcome a very tough task in the form of Marquette before that will be possible. But if Murray State can beat Marquette, a game against Florida or Norfolk State must sound better to the Murray State faithful than taking on Missouri. But if yesterdays games proved anything, it is that no team is invincible. 

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