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Manning: First a Colt, Now a Bronco

All fans of the NFL have been on watch for the slightest indication of a decision by Peyton Manning, the NFL’s biggest free agent name in history.

Today, Manning has tipped his hand as reports of negations with the Denver Broncos begin circulating.  Several insiders have confirmed the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49er’s teams have both been notified by Manning’s camp of his decision.  Unsubstantiated reports of the deal on the table are for 5 years, a possible 95 million dollars and future stake in ownership.

With Manning in the Mile High City, the fallout of the deal should begin with the current starting Bronco quarterback, the highly controversial, Tim Tebow.  The favorite son of Florida Gators fan might have a handful of suitors, but most likely will be destined to land in the Sunshine State once again.

Ironically, Manning was thought by many to end his career in Tennessee where his college career is still much heralded in Knoxville and across the Volunteer State.  Instead, it most likely will be Tebow returning home to relive his glory days in college before the throngs who once invaded the Swamp.  Jacksonville’s new owner, Shahid Khan has admitted to being a huge fan of Tebow & will vault to the top of the short list of those wanting to sell tickets to see Tebow & cash in on the sale of jerseys.

ManningThis is the tip of the iceberg of the many changes in the fallout of Peyton’s decision to partner with Hall of Fame Quarterback, John Elway, who serves as the vice president of football operations for the Broncos organization.  Elway could not have asked for a bigger personal favor of Manning than letting him off the Tebow hook.

Response by jilted Titans fans already has begun to spark much debate about Manning’s legacy.  What would have been a storybook ending to the Vol faithful who converted to Titans fans when the team landed in Nashville, now have somewhat of a clinched fist learning the news today.

After a year of resurgence for the 49er’s fan under first year head coach, Jim Harbaugh, those in the Bay area had just bought into Alex Smith being a legit NFL quarterback.  Smith is currently a free agent, but was expected to sign a long term contract soon, until the team decided to opt in to the race for the league’s biggest name in free agency ever.  The late entry into the Manning sweepstakes may have cost the team, Smith, Manning & hopes of returning to a deep run into the NFC playoffs for 2012.

The fallout has just begun, but one thing is crystal clear.  The Manning deal is a horse of another color from any other signing in NFL history.



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