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Local Boys High School Basketball Coaching Carousel

Basketball season may have ended last March for our local teams, but the spinning carousel of head coaches has been in hyper drive.

If you have a life that includes things other than sports, you may not know of all of the changes which have occurred since the end of last season. If you already know where all the changes have occurred, consider yourself, like me, an incurable addict of high school sports.

With apologizes to Abbott and Costello’s famous “Who’s on First” routine, here is my list of who is on the end of the bench in local high school basketball.

Steve Wright is out at Southwestern and has been replaced by former Whitley County head coach and recent assistant coach at Southwestern Chris Baker. Rumor has Coach Wright accepting an assistant coaching position at the college level. I probably know where, but have agreed to keep it quiet until the official announcement is made. Man of my word!

Jimmy Voight is no longer the head Maroon at Pulaski as he is replaced by John Fraley in his first head coaching opportunity. John had been on Steve Wright’s staff at Southwestern in recent years. First opportunity for John, but he has surely paid his dues.

Robert Jones is out at McCreary Central as he chose to remain the A.D. after the school decided to not allow an active coach to be the A.D. also. Jimmy Voight will now be the head Raider in charge. Not since Butch and Sundance have a pair like this been teamed together. Stay tuned.

Although not public at this moment, it appears that Maze Stallworth has left Casey County and headed to Taylor County? Head Rebel now the head Cardinal? Never really understood the dynamics of that arrangement.

Long time legend Dave Fraley has come out of retirement to take over at Powell County where he began his coaching career over 40 years ago. The former two time Maroon head coach will now be the lead Pirate at Powell County. See, you can go home again.

Jeff Cothron at Somerset in the 47th and Rodney Woods at Wayne County in the 48th are officially the “gray beards” of local boys high school basketball ball coaches in terms of tenure at their respective schools.

I would touch on all the player movement around the area too, but it’s pretty outside, so I think the grass needs mowing.

See you in the fall.

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