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Lake Cumberland SPEEDWAY American Red Cross Tribute to the Troops & Local Band Competition

On July 20th 2013 a benefit for the American Red Cross, where the men and women of our beloved military will be honored will be held at the Lake Cumberland Speedway next Saturday night.
In addition to these festivities there will be a local band competition starting at 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. to kick off the day. All types of groups are encouraged to participate and enter. The specifics of entering the competition require a good sound quality cut of one of your songs to be simply copied and pasted to the below event page. A total of nine groups will be selected for the top participants. There will be no entrance fee, just a required submission of your tunes, and the winner of the full competition will receive a prized purse at the closing of the competition of $1000.00.

So Far The Band Entries Lineup Include:

1. Little Ship – Monticello, Ky
2. One Way – Somerset, Ky
3. Easy Target. Jamestown, Ky

So, Lake Cumberland SPEEDWAY and The American Red Cross invite you all to come and represent with their respected local bands, as well as honor men and women of the Armed Forces for a night of celebration and honorable event.

Following the competition, there will be an additional Race for all individuals in attendance to enjoy with paid admission. Band members will not be required to pay, but will need one guest per band member of the group. The top 3 groups will compete in the intermission of the race, and then awarded as expected.
More details will be posted as needed for competitor information.
For any additional information regarding the race, competitions, and celebration, please contact.

Brandon Hardgrove @: (606) 261-0181, or
Message Daniel E. Mills Via Facebook Message.

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