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Kentucky Prepares For Civil War | Calipari Pitino

Kentucky is A Border State No More.

Pitino and Calipari may not sound like the names of Civil War generals, but come Saturday night, the leaders of the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky will see their forces clash on the hardwood floor of the Superdome. The opening salvos have already begun as two Bluegrass State Civil War veterans skirmished earlier this week in a kidney dialysis center in Georgetown, Kentucky, coming to blows over the upcoming battle between their respective teams.kentucky

Pitino and Calipari are bitter rivals with a feud that runs even deeper than the bluegrass state. For many years they have disliked one another, adding another layer of drama to a matchup already taut with tension. And as if that competitive feud between coaches weren’t enough, before taking the job at the University of Louisville, and before a short coaching stint in the NBA, Rick Pitino coached the University of Kentucky Wildcats to a national championship. With his decision to take the coaching job at the University of Louisville, many Kentucky fans felt betrayed. Perhaps this is their opportunity for revenge.

This is the sort of game that is liable to take its toll not only on the players on the court, but also on the fans watching at home. Regardless of who wins, area hospitals should prepare for a spike in the number of cardiac arrest cases, self-inflicted wounds, violent hysterics and cases of clinical depression. Medics and the loved ones of each team’s fans surely must be praying that this game not go into overtime.

The landscape of Kentucky basketball depends upon the outcome of this contest, and the rift between the opposite sides of this battle, already pronounced, may prove irreconcilable when all is said and done. The national powerhouse that is UK Basketball perhaps has more to lose. The Wildcats have been the favorites all year to win this tournament. The upstart team out of Louisville has received less attention this year, but is a dangerous and formidable opponent on an 8-game win streak, looking to turn the natural order of basketball in the state of Kentucky on its head.

“Basketball fans from Kentucky have been waiting their whole lives for this game,” said Mitch McConnell, the senior Unites States Senator from Kentucky.

Between the two schools, there have been nine national championships, with Kentucky having won 7 of them. Kentucky also came out on top of the matchup between the two teams earlier this year. This matchup will mark the 5th time the UK and U of L will meet in the NCAA Tournament. After this one, the whole state might be in need of a little reconstruction.

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