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Helmets and High Heels | Cardinals

As Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the end of summer, thoughts inevitably begin to drift to the most “sportstastic” season of the year, as we collectively welcome back the Boys of Fall and renew our enthusiasm for the Men of October.

9c9fcbf0ea9675cbbae7f9e80e928a26Next Saturday, Interstate 70 will swim in black and gold and tiger tails will fly, as loyal fans set out for the mecca that is Faurot Field. The Missouri Tigers will take on the Eagles of Eastern Michigan in the home opener, and while many were hopeful coach Odom’s new regime meant there was little possibility that the team would repeat the abysmal performance of last season, this week’s showing against West Virginia makes that hopeful notion seem like an improbability.

Whether or not a direct result of last year’s protests, freshman student enrollment is the lowest it’s been in almost a decade, leaving many to wonder if low enrollment will also have a direct impact on football attendance. Whatever your beliefs concerning the string of events that occurred at the University last fall, the football program has most certainly been effected, but to exactly what extent remains to be seen. With these thoughts in mind, fans will trudge into Memorial Stadium this Saturday, and with bated breath they’ll watch with (crossed) fingers, as Odom’s team showcases their talents and sets fan’s expectations for the rest of the season. No matter the outcome and whether or not they agree with the politics, the loyal fan base will show up to every home game; they’ll show up because it’s in their (tiger) blood and supporting their team, good, bad or ugly, is the very essence of being a Superfan.

St_Louis_Cardinals_1998-present_logoAnd speaking of Superfans, Cardinals Fever is once again starting to hit Cardinals Nation, as fans near and far continue to debate the likelihood of the Redbirds holding onto their narrow lead to officially clinch the National League Wild Card spot. With tough opponents coming up at home and many games left to play, the Cardinals once again find themselves in a difficult position. But whether you love them or just love to hate them, we can all agree that the Cardinals play some of their best baseball in do-or-die situations and magical things have a tendency of happening at Busch Stadium. So whether it’s in The Lou or at The Zou, Missouri teams are definitely worth watching in September.


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