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Fantasy Fame?! | Fantasy Football

It’s time once again for the Fantasy Edge to guide you to Fantasy Football Fame!  If you’re coming off a great week, we’ll help you look ahead to continue the pace.  If you’re coming off disappointment, we’ll assist you in getting your team back on track and pushing ahead.


Reload at RB

Fantasy FootballTypically early in the season many teams find out the hard way that they either do not have enough running backs that see much playing time, or they simply do not have running backs that are good enough to generate many fantasy points.  With good running backs hard to come across, I’ll point you in the right direction to try to fill that gap.  If you need help immediately, you need to check your free agent list for Andre Brown (NYG) and Jackie Battle (SD).  There’s certainly no guarantee that they’ll produce big points, but they have fallen into circumstances where they should be able to give you a few points and possibly many.

Andre Brown has the biggest potential of the two for the near future.  He should see the majority of the carries on a perennially strong running team until the return of Bradshaw.  Battle on the other hand, still may have to fight a bit for carries.  However, he did much better against the Titans last week than Ronnie Brown and may have vaulted himself into the starter’s role for now.  Also importantly, he scored two touchdowns.

Now for you that are good at the position for now but want to strengthen long term, check to see if Rashard Mendenhall is available.  The Steelers are not moving the ball on the ground as they would like and continue to give carries to both Redmond and Dwyer.  However, I would take a shot at Mendenhall as I believe he will be given every opportunity to regain his role as starter when his health improves enough.


WR Target(s)

Fantasy FootballAt wide receiver, you may want to take a look at Donnie Avery (IND).  Though Andrew Luck is spreading the ball around a lot, Avery seems to be one of his main targets.  Don’t expect big numbers, but expect big numbers of snaps which gives big potential.


Check Down at TE

At TE, you may find short term relief from Dante Rosario.  Please don’t expect another 3 TD performance, and don’t really expect long term help as Antonio Gates will return at some point, but he could fill the gap at your TE spot if you have one.  You may also want to consider Kellen Winslow, Jr. who just became a Patriot.  Sure it may not work out, but can you argue with the TE history of late in New England?


Weekly Matchups

Now let’s look at a few prime matchups:  I like the looks of Denver’s passing game against the Texans.  I expect that they’ll be playing from behind and having to throw.

I do not suggest much in Nashville this week.  I really don’t expect much in the way of scoring from either the Lions or the Titans.  Calvin Johnson is simply a must every week, and maybe one of the defenses, but other than that stay clear!

Fantasy FootballI do like both offenses on Thursday night’s NYG/Carolina game.  Invest freely, especially with the Giants.

Lastly, I’m going a bit on a limb but I see the Bills offense doing well this week.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is my dark horse pick of the week.


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