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Buyer’s Remorse? | Fantasy Football

Hello once again, fantasy footballers!  Welcome back to the Fantasy Edge report from Football Phil Trammel.

So now you’ve got the draft in your rear view mirror and are considering what next.  Are you having buyer’s remorse, or are you already clearing a spot on your mantle for the trophy?  Probably neither are fitting at this point, but we’ll take a look at it together right now.

It’s often said in football that defense wins championships.  In fantasy football terms, it could possibly be said that drafts win championships.  However, it would be rare indeed that a draft won it without a good bit of tweaking during the season.  That’s what we’re going to look at now, fine tuning.

There are several scenarios you may be currently facing, and I’ll now take a look at the more probable ones:

Fantasy Football

Brandon Weeden

There are  a few players that are probably free in your league that may be worth putting on your bench for later in the season.  QBs John Skelton and Brandon Weeden are still available in many leagues.  Why not stash them on your bench if you’ve got a spot you can free for them?  They’re starters and may turn out to be a hot commodity.  They may be out of the league by midseason too, but they are worth a risk if you’ve got the space.  These two may be of more value in keeper leagues as they are young as well.

Fantasy Football

Ronnie Brown

At RB there are a few names to consider as well.  In need of a quick though possibly temporary boost to start the season?  Consider Jonathon Dwyer (PIT) or Ronnie Brown (SD).  Both are filling in for injured starters and can help you for a while.  If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and are set at RB but want some insurance, consider Ben Tate or Toby Gerhart.  Neither may do a lot, but if a key injury occurs they may be in for a load of carries.

Fantasy Football

Cody Fleenor

At the TE position there are fewer sleepers, but I’d direct you to Jacob Tamme (DEN) or Cody Fleenor (IND).  Tamme is reunited with Peyton Manning who took Dallas Clark to fame at Indy.  And Fleenor is at the former home of Dallas Clark, and rookie QBs often lean on their TEs.  You could do well with either and they may be available in your league.

Fantasy Football

Kendall Wright

Lastly, I’ll take a look at WR.  A few to consider that may possibly be available in your league are Greg Little, Kendall Wright, Austin Collie, and Jon Baldwin.

Wright is a rookie with a big upside and will start in week one.  He will drift back a bit with the return of Kenny Britt (who you’d better take if he’s available) but in keeper leagues he’d well be worth a look.

Greg Little may have slipped through a few drafts due to being on the Browns, but he’s a #1 starter so grab him.

Austin Collie has looked great in the preseason, and with Pierre Garcon gone to Washington he may grab even more passes.  He’s a Wes Welker type without Tom Brady, at least so far.

Jon Baldwin is just a great pass catcher with good size, trapped behind Dwayne Bowe.  Bowe’s holdout and a new offense have helped Baldwin to make up ground, so be ready in case he breaks out.

Next time we’ll start get into the regular flow of looking back on the completed games and who needs to be added to or dropped from your roster.  We’ll also begin looking at “must starts” and “leave on bench” players on a weekly basis.

That’s all for today, and play well.


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