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Bailey, Ristovski roll at APSU Fall Open | Austin Peay

Austin PeayCLARKSVILLE – Senior Sean Bailey and sophomore Dimitar Ristovski won their respective flights at this weekend’s Austin Peay Fall Open, defeating many top Ohio Valley Conference foes along the way.

Bailey defeated second-seeded Josh Smith of Western Kentucky (6-4,6-4) in the opening round before dispatching two SIU Edwardsville players on his way to victory. He defeated fourth-seeded Nicolas Vincent (6-3,6-1) in the semifinals before taking down No. 5 seed Marten Jonsson 6-2,6-4 to win the top flight.

Bailey and sophomore Aleksas Tverijonas won the top flight in doubles play, going 3-0 with wins against Western Kentucky (Smith/Taranda, 8-3), Northern Alabama (Feury/Kavalenka, 8-6) and SIU Edwardsville (Jonsson/Tanulanond, 9-7). Tverijonas also made the semifinals in Flight A of the singles bracket, defeating Northern Alabama’s Kavalenka (6-3,6-4) before losing to Jonsson from SIU Edwardsville (0-6,7-5,6-3).

Ristovski took top honors in Flight B, opening play with a 6-3,7-5 win against Western Kentucky’s Andrew Fish. He followed that with a win over OVC foe Jacob Perkins from SIU Edwardsville (7-6(7-5),6-4) and defeated Northern Alabama’s Rob Whitsitt in the final (6-4,6-3).

Fligh A Singles – First Round

No. 1 Sean Bailey def. No. 2 Josh Smith (WKU) 6-4,6-4
No. 8 Aleksas Tverijonas def. No. 7 Alexey Kavalenka (UNA) 6-3,6-4

Flight A Singles – Semifinal

Bailey def. No. 4 Nicolas Vincent (SIUE) 6-3,6-1
No. 5 Marten Jonsson (SIUE) def. Tverijonas 0-6,7-5,6-3

Flight A Singles – Final

Bailey def. Jonsson 6-2,6-4

Flight B Singles – First Round

No. 4 Dimitar Ristovski def. No. 3 Andrew Fish (WKU) 6-3,7-5
No. 5 John Storie def. No. 6 Gary Dias (SIUE) 6-3,6-2

Flight B Singles – Semifinal

Ristovski def. No. 1 1 Jacob Perkins (SIUE) 7-6(7-5),6-4
No. 7 Rob Whitsitt (UNA) def. Storie 6-1,6-4

Flight B Singles – Final

Ristovski def. Whitsitt 6-4,6-3

Flight C Singles – First Round

No. 4 Evan Borowski def. No. 3 Dylan Reed (SIUE) 6-0,6-1

Flight C Singles – Semifinal

No. 5 Jacob Tanulanond def. Borowski 6-2,6-1

Flight A Doubles – Round Robin

Bailey/Tverijonas def. Smith/Taranda (WKU) 8-3
Bailey/Tverijonas def. Feury/Kavalenka (UNA) 8-6
Bailey/Tverijonas def. Jonsson/Tanulanond (SIUE) 9-7

Flight B Doubles – Round Robin

Whitsitt/Sommerfeld (UNA) def. Ristovski/Borowski 9-8(7-5)
Borowski/Ristovski def. Fish/Freeman (WKU)
Dias/Vincent (SIUE) def. Ristovski/Borowski 8-4

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