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April 10 Deadline Too Early for Mid-Round Players

Tuesday marks the NCAA’s deadline to announce whether a player will be returning to school or heading to the NBA Draft.  Again, this is the NCAA’s deadline, the NBA’s deadline for early-entry draft picks is April 29, meaning NBA teams can not work with college players until the have declared for the early draft process.  So, with this said, it seems likely that many players will announce to the NCAA they are returning to school tomorrow, only to later say they will be heading to the draft.

Players who are not sure of their draft stock on Tuesday will have to announce they are returning to school to maintain eligibility for the 2012-13 season, if they should decide to forgo the draft and return to school.  For those players, will there be enough time to get enough feedback, to evaluate their evaluations, and try to decide if a team will decide he is the best option in the late first round?

There will be a few players who decide to leave early and are not drafted where they thought they would be, and there are players who will be drafted much higher than many thought they should have been.  Either way, the decision is one that should take time to be made, but the NCAA has made sure players have made semi-decisions by April 10.

The interesting thing about the April 10 deadline is that April 11 is the first day of the signing period for the nation’s top senior basketball players.  Coaches have grumbled in the past about the mid-June deadlines effecting spring recruiting due to players passing up a team because of a great player, and said great player heads to the NBA leaving the school with no star, and more importantly, no recruit to fill his shoes.  The coaches have had the date successfully moved up each of the past two years, but the Tuesday deadline this year is questionable at minimum.

We will hear about certain players who are returning to school, and a few of those we might be able to believe, but for the most part, expect nothing of Tuesday, because Wednesday is the biggest day of the week.

Many of the nation’s top high school recruits will announce where they will attend college in the fall, and many will do so in front of a national audience, as ESPN will dedicate 90 minutes, from 6:30-8:00 CST, to those top players.

It will finally be known where future superstars will play ball, as top two players Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Muhammad and others will make their decisions.

Whatever happens on Tuesday should have little to no affect on what happens Wednesday, even though the NCAA coaches have had the date moved for that reason.

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