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MVP Sports Channel is uniquely different from any other media outlet!
Why you ask?

At MVP Sports Channel, it’s our firm belief, scholar athletes should focus on furthering their education and their commitment to sports. How can we help?

Have you ever bought (or sold) candles, light bulbs, fruit baskets, trash bags or, heaven help us, fruitcakes to help raise money for a local sports team? As far as I know, I still hold the record for the most fruitcakes sold at my high school! Those have been most likely re-gifted and are still in circulation today.

Often, scholar-athletes are burdened with becoming sales reps for fundraising companies to offset costs associated with athletics. What most grandmothers, Aunt Shirley, the next door neighbors and everyone at the parent’s office doesn’t realize, in many cases, teams would benefit more if we just donated directly to the local booster club.

At MVP Sports Channel’s inception, we determined to create a culture of giving and generate a positive impact for athletic departments, schools and communities with whom we collaborate. Simply, a financial partnership is established with the school or sports organization where athletic departments or booster clubs benefit from a profit share.

“This was the easiest, most profitable and quickest fundraiser we’ve EVER done!”- Kristi Fraley, President, Pulaski County (KY) Maroons Booster Club

Besides bringing exciting, exclusive coverage of local sports to fans everywhere, MVP Sports Channel offers affordable marketing opportunities for regional and local businesses, too. Business owners know all too well, they are constantly asked to make donations throughout the year, but instead, they now have the opportunity for a great investment in their business AND community! Building a loyal customer base through cause marketing and brand awareness helps local businesses compete …AND directly benefit local teams. At MVP Sports Channel, we think that’s a win!

Local is extremely important to us, no matter where you are!

Local sports can include all levels of competition, Little League or Babe Ruth baseball, Pee Wee/ Pop Warner or middle school football, high schools and colleges.

Literally, fans from 15 countries around the world (and counting), have enjoyed MVP Sports Channel gamecasts! Military families serving our nation, as well as missionaries and their families sharing the Gospel abroad, have enjoyed “a taste of home” because these games are delivered globally online. Terrestrial broadcast radio and television stations, and cable systems, all serve a relatively limited area. All 50 states across America have had grandparents, uncles, aunts, those traveling on vacation and relocated school alumni, enjoy coverage of their team. Diehard fans often attend a game, yet catch coverage of a cross town rival or across the state. Anywhere an internet or mobile signal is found, so is MVP!

Across Kentucky, Tennessee …and now, Missouri, we proudly partner with organizations to assist with fundraising, to provided family-friendly entertainment and to celebrate sports!

Thank you for allowing us to be part of the team.


Jeffery L. Wix
President, MVP Sports Channel

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